Teaching Goals

What constitutes Meaningful Learning? What would you like your students to remember of your classes in five years from today? Is there any common ground that connects the STEM world (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine) with other areas of teaching?

As a preparation for our next meeting, please think of your favorite course. Write down the ONE most important long term goals of your teaching. I hope that we will find fertile ground for an interesting discussion.

If there are common goals in teaching, there might be a way of measuring / quantifying the efficiency of your efforts. In other words, assessment tools for teaching could be developed. I attached an article about “Navigating the Landscape of Assessment”. Even though it is written for chemists, it emphasizes a number of points that are important in any teaching subject.

The author of the article will give a public presentation at Ohio University on Monday, April 6, at 4:10 pm in 235 Walter Hall. She is a highly regarded chemical education researcher working at Miami University in Oxford, OH. Her research motto is: “advancing chemistry education research one assessment tool at a time…”. Her lecture will be about “Measuring Meaningful Learning in the Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratory”. Everybody is welcome to attend.


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