Adi’s text for Thursday: Schools without Scholarship?

Hello everyone,

Attached is the article “Standards: Schools without Scholarship?” from Lowering Higher Education: The Rise of Corporate Universities and the Fall of Liberal Education. Lowering Higher Education – Schools without Scholarship It is a bit dense, and addresses a Canadian audience, but there are many topics I will be drawing from in my presentation, including:

  • unpreparedness of students entering our courses
  • student disengagement
  • grade inflation
  • weakening academic standards by instructors

I thought that the overwhelming trend to award “BA-lite” degrees would also foster some interesting discussion.

In addition to the topics mentioned in the text, I would also like to discuss briefly:

  • the consequences of the Q2S (quarter to semester) conversion (dropping from four to three class hours per week and dropping from 30 weeks of instruction [ten weeks x three quarters] to 28 [two semesters x 14 weeks])
  • the consequences of RCM (How much can we lower our standards to attract students to / keep students in our disciplines?)

Please try to draw some examples from your own disciplines about how you and your department leadership are trying to address these issues and what results (positive or negative) you have experienced.

In case I am not able to attach the file directly to this post, it is also available at:



2 thoughts on “Adi’s text for Thursday: Schools without Scholarship?

  1. Ping-Yuan Wang says:

    The dumbing-down phenomenon seems to be global, at least in the Anglo-American world. A British case for the interest of the group:


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