Millennials and Teaching

I found this article fascinating and read the study.

American Millennials are among the world’s least skilled

Basically, Americans aged 16-24 score badly on numeracy, literacy and the ability to problem solve with technology. One of the reasons may be the lack of playing that children experience these days:,-policy-and-practice-a-review-of-contemporary-perspectives.aspx Playing has broad developmental effects and helps children learn! To me, this has broad implications on our student’s abilities vs. what we believe they should be able to do. Just because my mother, my grandmother, and my brother can use Google to figure something out, our students may really NOT have that skill!


One thought on “Millennials and Teaching

  1. Herta Rodina says:

    Very interesting report, thanks for sharing. I looked at the sample questions and started to take the test. I’d be interested in knowing how my students would score, because I’ve become increasingly disappointed in recent years with the trouble they have following simple instructions (mentioned in the article) and, especially, their reactions at the consequences of not following instructions. Example: Student gets a D on a test because he didn’t read the second part of the question. His reaction: “I knew that, I just didn’t read the question through.” As a student, I would have kicked my self hard, so it’s hard for me to understand a casual attitude to this kind of error.


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