Measuring Teaching Effectiveness

Hello all, I hope you had a wonderful spring break and are ready to discuss another challenge in teaching with me on Monday, March 16. In preparation for our discussion next week, please read through the following article on Measuring Teaching Effectiveness. In the article, the author explores the pros and cons of different methods used to evaluate faculty teaching effectiveness. I chose the topic for my discussion for several reasons which we can discuss on Monday. In the meantime, happy reading and good luck catching up on your spring break e-mail avalanche. Thanks, Jackie


One thought on “Measuring Teaching Effectiveness

  1. Josh Birnbaum says:

    Thank you for great presentations and discussions today, Jackie and Yoichi. I would like to share a few items pertinent to both of your related topics:

    1. An interactive infographic about the use of gendered language in teaching evaluations:

    2. A New Yorker article espousing the value of having a coach:

    Enjoy, and discuss away.


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