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My department is currently in the process of justifying the existence of a course. I’m DataLady, so I’ve been running all the metrics. Neil asked about this and I thought maybe others would be interested. I did have to jump through a number of hoops to receive access to some of this data, and I have cleared all personal information (just in cases). For fun, here’s what the analysis folder looks like for 1 course. Screenshot 2015-02-09 17.55.29Screenshot 2015-02-09 17.59.42 Anyone who likes graphs and doesn’t known Prism, please check it out, its lots of fun 🙂 Last year’s results: – Study Habits – > ¾ Learned to take notes on what the instructor says, use pictures in text book and organize class information. – ~ ⅔ Integrate, read textbook carefully, study over an extended time period. – < ½ Read outlines, boldface words in text or immediate review class notes. – Outcome – 100% of the students felt it helped, and would recommend it to 1st and 2nd ½ semester of incoming students. – How to get more into 1500? – 62% want more time to decide between 1500 and 1700 – 38% want 2 exams in 1700 before deciding   – How did Fall ‘13-14 1500 do in Spring ‘13-14 1700? – Told 5 students Yes, 2 moved forward, received A, and C – Told 5 students No, 2 moved forward, received C, and F – Told 8 students Maybe, 5 moved forward, received B, C, C, D, F – Track Spring ‘13-14 1500 students in Fall ‘14-15 1700 – 8 said they would enroll, only 4 total students did enroll, only 1 stayed, they passed with C- Therefore:     Yes = Pass No = C or worse  NOW we have 22 students who went in and 1/3 of them pass. – Students have gone from a 3% chance of passing 1700 to +30% (very small N). For a numbers comparison: Over 1000 students enrolled in 1700 in last year. Statistically, those 7 students would have likely passed without intervention. Exam 1 vs Final Grade ACT scores vs First Exam   Overall, while the grade on the first exam and ACT score track with outcome, I don’t think they are the best way to determine what happens with a student. I have excel files with how students in 1700 do in upper level courses, but that’s respective and not prospective…


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